As a John Casablancas Graduate, turned model, into modeling instructor, then Educational Director, and finally to Agency Director, I’m a bit concerned The Model Bible may put Modeling Schools out of business. The Model Bible is real advise and facts about the modeling industry you won't find anywhere else.

Gina Masters, Former Agency Director For John Casablancas

Witty, informative and to the point, just like Rich’s personality. Fun and easy to read, not only it is great for young girls who are interested in the field of modeling, but also for people who are curious about the modeling industry, and for those who want to get tips on how to feel and look confident in their looks.

Sheena Geo, Co-founder and Creative Director of: International Citizen Design House

“Mr. Celenza offers a great reference - Model Bible - for all different types of female models... from high fashion, to print, commercial, and parts modeling. His information is straight to the point and easy to understand as well as giving great industry specific examples and references. Highly recommended read to anyone interested in the field of modeling and/or acting.”

Laura Krusemark, Co-founder and Design Director of: International Citizen Design House

The Model Bible provides a thorough and honest view of the modeling industry from an insider’s perspective. Rich Celenza offers his personal and professional insights about how female models can achieve their dreams, earn a living, and maintain their integrity. This book tells modeling hopefuls everything they need to know about the business.

Leslie C. Halpern, author of Passionate About Their Work: 151 Celebrities, Artists, and Experts on Creativity.

Rich Celenza has captured the success principles for the female modeling industry in his book: The Model Bible. Having been involved with the fashion and entertainment industry his entire life, Rich shares his expertise with his readers to excel their careers. The Model Bible is a must read for women who want to fast track to a successful modeling career; reducing their learning curve by years. I highly recommend The Model Bible as a very enjoyable read full of first hand insight from Rich Celenza who possesses an innate passionate to help others succeed.

Grace Daly, Award Winning & Best-Selling Author, Certified Coach, Speaker & Retail Industry Expert