Book Summary

Welcome to Rich Celenz'a critically acclaimed book "The Model Bible". "The Model Bible" is a book that helps female models of every category: (Fashion / Couture, Print / Glamour, Commercial, Plus-sized, Health / Fitness, Parts, Kids and Teenage) not only learn how to get signed with a strong agency, but also to make sure that their agent(s) and or manager(s) have their best interests in furthering their careers. "The Model Bible" is a book that is geared strictly toward helping female models take their career to the highest level possible. "The Model Bible" is focused on helping female models of all different sizes and shapes attain financial success in everything from Couture to Catalog modeling, and also become savvy, self-respecting women who understand that modeling can serve as the foundation for them to build a strong personal brand, and thus, in turn, open doors to any number of business opportunities. "The Model Bible" is for models that are serious and want to be trained and educated in the three core areas that we think necessary for them to build a successful professional career: Business, Physical, and Emotional. Training in these three vital areas allows models to attain control of their careers and their lives in order to make informed professional decisions at all times. As far as Business is concerned the book covers in detail: interviewing, contracts, negotiating, networking and marketing. The Physical aspects of modeling addressed are: grooming, nutrition, exercise, wardrobe, hair/make-up, runway and posing. The Emotional side of modeling is discussed in terms of: self-exploration, acknowledging fear, relaxation, listening and self-respect.